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As an advertising agency in Quito, Ecuador we always seek to offer alternative and valuable ideas to our clients, which help them make an impact and get potential buyers for their services or products. The creativity of our team allows us to offer fresh ideas that break with the everyday.

We add to this our great handling of technology that offers new user experiences (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Apps, Digital Advertising, 3D Animation) and we focus on creating advertising campaigns that are powerful and innovative.


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We have advertising services that fit the different types of campaigns that may be needed in the market today. Whether they are advertising focused on branded content, slogans, advertising graphics, animated spots and corporate videos, content marketing or digital advertising on various platforms such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube or blogs of similar themes.

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"Advertising made for the Quito Honesto Campaign."
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How do we run a successful advertising campaign?

We know that the only way for your advertising to be successful is for you to be part of the campaign. We mean that our clients are a crucial part of formulating a solid strategy. We add to this a research process, which helps us to know the strengths and weaknesses that need to be overcome.

Once we are clear about the path we will follow. Here is a summary outline of the steps we will follow and the results we expect to obtain with your advertising campaign.

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The team you need.

We have a multidisciplinary team capable of facing all the challenges that arise. We focus on finding solutions through different points of view and find the most creative idea that is ideal for your goals.

We complement the experience and knowledge of professionals with different profiles (designers, publicists, artists, programmers, photographers, digital marketing experts, etc) to find powerful solutions that communicate in an effective and complete way.

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We are ready to help you. At MEDIUM Multimedia advertising agency, we are looking for clients who are looking to grow, who dare to innovate and who are not afraid to show their brand in a different way.

We give you the best tools so you can stand out and keep innovating your brand.


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Advertising has a wide range of possibilities, so we use a number of tools to meet the objectives of our customers, here are some of the work we have done

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