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Flexible Training

Virtual corporate training can be adapted to your company's schedule. Your employees can choose which course to follow, when and how much time they can invest in the course.

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Competitive Advantage

Your company can train more of its employees for less cost and much faster than before. This will give you an advantage over other companies.

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Training Savings

E-learning courses can be up to 60% cheaper than face-to-face courses. Plus you only have to pay for them once.

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Higher Knowledge Retention

E-learning has proven to be much more effective due to its versatility, design, dynamism and the possibility of reviewing the content as many times as you wish.

How have others profited from e-learning?


IBM saved approximately $200 million after switching to eLearning training, according to Dave Evans. With eLearning, companies can reduce expenses for transportation, venue rental, equipment, as well as instructors.


According to a Brandon Hall study, online training requires 60% less time than face-to-face training, covering the same material.

E-Learning benefits for your company

Better knowledge retention

The Research Institute of America has stated that eLearning is perfect for corporate training because it increases knowledge retention rates by up to 60%, while classroom learning retention rates are very low, averaging 8% to 10%.

More in less time

It has also been shown that eLearning course participants learn five times more material without increasing the time spent on training.

Better revenues

For a large proportion of the companies surveyed by Ambien Insight, knowledge translates directly into higher revenues: 42% of companies say that online training has led to increased revenues.

Increase in Productivity

Virtual education helps companies to achieve their annual training program and as a consequence, the company’s collaborators carry out their tasks in a more assertive way because the knowledge reaches them at the right time.

Flexible training

The diversity of methods and resources used makes it possible to adapt the virtual products to the characteristics and needs of the participants.

Updates in the content

The information and resources of the training courses are related to the subject of study and can be quickly introduced in the contents, so that the course developed is always up to date.

Constant communication

Among training participants, thanks to the tools incorporated in eLearning platforms (forums, chat, mail, blog, etc.).

Space-time barriers disappear.

Users can carry out their corporate training at home or at the workplace, since the contents are accessible any day and at any time. This allows them to optimize the time dedicated to training.

The student is the center

Of the teaching-learning processes and actively participates in the construction of their knowledge, having the capacity to decide the training path that best suits their interests.




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A didactic script will be developed by an instructional designer based on the content of the training course, and a story board will be created based on the selected range and duration of the course.


Graphic interface design based on the organization's corporate image, creation of iconography for main controls: play-pause, next-back, turn on/off sound-video sign language, increase/decrease font size, etc.

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3. Design according to content

The design of all the elements of the internal screens is based on the content and objective of the course. This design includes the creation of screens, avatars or virtual tutors, infographics, text boxes, among others.

4. Standards for people with disabilities

MEDIUM Multimedia is the only company in Ecuador that offers this product and we do it based on international standards so that people with different levels of disability have the appropriate training.

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5. Digital animation on elements

The animation of elements within the course is one of the tools we provide to maintain the momentum of the participant in the training. Among our animations we can include 2D - 3D or style like Draw my life animation, conceptual animations, vectorial animations etc.


6. Locution in voice-over

The voice-over is performed in a recording studio by a professional male or female voice-over artist, in Spanish & English or any language requested. Prior to the recording, several voice demos are presented to the client for their choice.

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7. Feedback activities

Games based on the most important knowledge of each module are developed; these games can range from word search, crossword puzzles to dynamic games. Additionally, a final evaluation linked to the LMS platform can be developed with validation of results for approval of the training course.

8. Sign language video

Based on the selected range, the course can be accompanied by a sign language video made by a professional sign language interpreter. This video will be synchronized with the voice-over and content.

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9. Anchor or presenter video recording

Video recordings can be produced to welcome the course participants, to share relevant information, etc. A script will be prepared in advance and the recording will be done in a studio and carried out by a professional male or female, it can be in Spanish & English or any language requested.

10. Scorm Development

Our eLearning products are built with Universal SCORM framework that adapts to any LMS platform (Online Training Platforms) available in the market.

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